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We are involved in fighting a most difficult battle:
Our mission is to save lives, restore hope, faith and a reason to live. We teach suicide prevention, intervention and grief support for survivors.
Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in the U.S., ranking above homicide. One suicide occurs in the United States every 18 minutes.*
Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death among young people 15 to 24 years old.*
It is estimated that each suicide affects at least 6 other people.*
The number one cause of suicide is depression which has been undiagnosed, untreated or ineffectively treated.*
*American Association of Suicidology
Jenny's Story
 “Jennie,” from Texas, was desperate. She called a Christian counseling service which Suicide Prevention Care Fund supports, pleading—even at times demanding—to know reasons why she should not commit suicide. “She confessed to being a Christian and that her fear of hell was the main reason for not going through with it,” the phone counselor reported. “However, numerous rejections by friends, family, and even churches had led her to the brink.”
The counselor worked patiently & prayerfully with Jennie for more than two hours as she vented her anger at God and everyone important in her life. “It was tough going,” admitted the counselor. “But we struggled
through some important issues. shared comforting thoughts and passages from the Bible that confirm how much God loves each and every one of us—especially that God is ‘not willing that any should perish' (2 Peter 3:9) and that God’s love within will help us conquer any problem or situation (Romans 8:26-39). We talked about her inner strengths and how important she is to many of her friends. And I offered her a list of valuable resources to check out. I also referred her to a reliable counseling agency in her area.”
Eventually Jennie broke through. Angry words turned to cleansing tears. There was a calmness to her voice as she said goodbye to the counselor.
Please—if you are desperate, don’t stew over it and deepen your depression. Call your pastor, a trusted friend, or a suicide hotline. Your life is precious!

Our mission is to save lives, restore hope, faith, a reason to live, and support those who have lost a friend.

Compassionate care

Suicide Prevention Care Fund provides compassionate support to families and friends who have lost someone to suicide and honors the memory of those who have died by suicide.

People who have had a friend or family member commit suicide experience deep feelings of loss which are different from the feelings experienced from the death of a loved one by illness or accident. They may have feelings of abandonment, guilt, intense anger and/or sadness. They may even feel shame or embarrassment.

We work to eliminate the stigma, guilt and shame of suicide.


SPCF supports well-researched, highly skilled public health campaigns about suicide and how to detect warning signs and intervene with loved ones.

We support local educational forums to keep the general public and professional community informed about the latest knowledge in the treatment of high-risk individuals.


Through partner organizations, SPCF supports existing crisis intervention teams in the community.

We support expanding intervention to all settings and the earliest warning signs, rather than waiting for life-threatening crises.

We support increasing the capacity for all services and organizations to screen for depression and high-risk behaviors.


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