Give to Suicide Prevention Care Fund


The generous contributions of individual people—people who are concerned about preventing suicide and caring for those who have lost someone to suicide—make this vital ministry of encouragement and support possible.

Suicide Prevention Care Fund is an affiliate of Worldwide Affiliated Ministries, which provides personnel and management services free of charge. Because of this affiliation, SPCF’s overhead was kept to a low .08% last year.

If you are interested in supporting Suicide Prevention Care Fund with a financial contribution, we offer several donation options. Online giving is coming soon. Whatever option you choose, you can count on Suicide Prevention Care Fund to use your donation wisely.

Your gift of . . .

$5 will provide booklets fostering encouragement and growth for struggling individuals.

$10 will pay for a New Testament to help a depressed person find new hope.

$25 will provide appropriate referrals to hotline callers with special needs.

$100 will go a long way toward helping cover the telephone costs for a hotline service.

$1,000 will help pay for services of a professional suicide prevention counselor.

Suicide Prevention Care Fund is a 501-c-3 nonprofit charity. Your gifts are tax-deductible. An audited financial statement, including description of support services, is available upon request.

Donation options for SPCF:

General donations are a vital part of Suicide Prevention Care Fund’s ability to help prevent suicide. Anyone can make a general donation to Suicide Prevention Care Fund by mailing a donation to:

  • Suicide Prevention Care Fund
  • 6549 Mission Gorge Road #204
  • San Diego, CA 92120

Planned Giving: Over the years Suicide Prevention Care Fund has benefited from those who have made special provisions in their Estate Plans to support SPCF. Most planned gifts come from individuals who have made a provision in their will or other Estate Plans that designate either a fixed amount or a percentage of their estate. However, there are numerous planned gift options that can have profound tax implications that can benefit both your estate and Suicide Prevention Care Fund. We strongly encourage anyone interested in supporting Suicide Prevention Care Fund through a planned gift to consult with their financial advisor and/or tax attorney.

Some of the options available to donors making a gift through their will to Suicide Prevention Care Fund:

  • Outright gifts
  • Bequests
  • Annuities
  • IRA, 401(k) and 403(b) designations
  • Life insurance gifts
  • Gifts of real estate, tangible & intangible items
  • Other planned giving options

Combined Federal Campaign: Through our association with the Christian Charities USA Federation, Suicide Prevention Care Fund receives support from employees of the federal government through the Combined Federal Campaign.

To participate in the Combined Federal Campaign, Suicide Prevention Care Fund must meet stringent requirements set forth by the federal government and must belong to a Federation. Christian Charities USA Federation was founded to unite and represent Christian charities in workplace fundraising drives. Each charity within the Christian Charities USA Federation has fulfilled specific criteria for membership, including a stringent legal and financial review. To learn more about the Christian Charities USA, please click here to go to CCUSA’s home page. (The page will open in a new window.)

If you are a federal employee, or know someone who is, it’s easy to support the work of Suicide Prevention Care Fund by designating your workplace donation to Suicide Prevention Care Fund. Our number in the CFC is 11924.

Workplace campaigns, such as the United Way, Corporate, or State Employee Campaigns, are convenient methods of supporting the work of Suicide Prevention Care Fund. Many employers conduct workplace fund drives to encourage their employees to support worthy causes. Through the convenience of payroll deduction, donors can spread their contribution across an entire year. Most campaigns will allow you to designate your donation to your favorite organization. Suicide Prevention Care Fund has registered with most United Way campaigns, and with the CFC for federal employees.